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Diclofensine (Ro 8-4650) Chemical Structure

67165-56-4 | Diclofensine (Ro 8-4650)

Price & Availability of CAS No.:67165-56-4 | Catalog No.:AB2000149
Cat.No. Size Availability List Price Price Quantity
AB2000149 10mg In Stock $110.00
AB2000149 25mg In Stock $270.00
AB2000149 50mg In Stock $470.00
AB2000149 100mg In Stock $870.00
Product Information

Chemical Information

Product Name:Diclofensine (Ro 8-4650)


CAS Number:67165-56-4

Molecular Formula:C17H17Cl2NO

Molecular Weight:322.23


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Description: Diclofensine (Ro 8-4650) is a stimulant drug which acts as a triple reuptake inhibitor and a novel antidepressant. Order Diclofensine (Ro 8-4650) from supplier Abblis for research use only.

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